Linggo, Hunyo 5, 2011

Gotta try these android apps. First Edition.

I will start a new series entitled Gotta Try these apps. We will be talking five free random applications in the market. Applications that I think will give your phone a new dimension. So let’s start?

·         Swiss Army knife- We know that a Swiss Army knife has a blade as well as various tools, such as screwdrivers and can openers, so this application will make you wonder if it has blades or what? Unfortunately none, but I tell you, this is a six in one tool. It has flashlight, ruler, timer, stop watch, compass and a bubble level. Brilliant..! Try this one..!

·         Camscanner- Turn pictures into PDF files. This application is simply jaw-dropping, especially when you are working in office. It is just amazing to have access on important files without the need of accessing it in the internet. Remember it is very unprofessional to send files on VP’s in JPEG format so gotta convert it to PDF. You don’t need to purchase a bulky, heavy and expensive scanner. So you gotta try this application.

·         Virtua Gym- Can’t afford a personal gym trainer? Too expensive huh. This application will solve your problem. It has built-in program for beginner, newbie and advance training for persons like you. Whether you will train at home or at gym this will surely change your workout. Virtua gym is not an instructional material that you have to read and imagine how to do it, it is actually a video (sorry for the wrong choice of word, but it is really kinda video) so it is easier to follow. I’ll tell you this application changed my routine. I feel better coz I did it the right way.

·         Discounts- You’re walking in a mall and suddenly your eyes saw a big tarpaulin saying 60% off on all items mall wide. So you search for bargains and saw these beautiful shoes. You are wondering whether to buy it. How much will I pay? How much will I save? So you open your calculator in your cellphone and compute the amount to be paid. But dude why compute that hard if you can just simply enter the amount and discount rate and yehaaa. You’re done. Faster than your old calculator.

·         Convert Pad- Name it, anything under the sun can be converted here. From simple length conversion to complex power conversion and to unbelievable heat flux density conversion (honestly I don’t know what it is, I guess it exist? ughhh) So if you feel you needed to convert everything, download this application because you never know when to use it.

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